Concept Journals

Online Research and Concept Journals for Assessment Item 2

Megan’s Class

Chantell Basiacik

Rachel Littleton

Monica Tadman

Emily Smith

Shayne Wilson

Katie Van Leeuwen

Alexandra Burnie

Jessica Richardson

Johnny Lieu

Jemma Nicoll

Teresa Pham

Thuy Le

Aylin Unsal

Rosalie Rodriguez

Tess Gibney

Mark Harding

Haerim Han

Natasha Lay

Jonathan Andrews

Laura Arango

Sohail’s Class

Alexandra Martin

Alyssa Moynihan

Calvin Nguyen

Da Jeong Kim

Harrison Geier

Jesse Matheson

Karla Ranby

Ken Quach

Lara Munn

Laura Southcombe

Marie-Caroline Pennica

Vanessa Liebmann


Thomas Beech

Tom Penistone

Vidhisha Chaturvedi

Man Ching Wong (Michelle)

Yaqi Zhao (Tony)

Alexander Ellis


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